How install AlbatrOS on empty hard drive

1 - Download http://jukebox.linuxconsole.org/testing/install.sh

2 - Run it 

sh install.sh

3 - Reboot, without livecd/livedvd

I have installed Albatros like this, but my keyboard is configured as AZERTY, not QWERTY

Please install “Fixes” packages, into Fixbugs section of package manager

How install packages without networking ?

  • For AlbatrOS 2.2, download all files from here : http://opkg.linuxconsole.org/AlbatrOS/2.2/x86, copy it on usb disk
  • Boot AlbatrOS 2.2, modify file /etc/opkg/linuxconsole.conf, replace http:// with file://media/YOURLABEL
  • You can use package manager without network !

How change Language settings ?

rm $HOME/.config/dibab/lang

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