Install AlbatrOS on hard disk

You liked Albatros liveCD/USB, now install it on your disk !

  • 1 – Click “Add new software” on desktop

install albatros_add_new

  • 2 – Click on “orange” button, then enable “fixes” package and install it with “green” button

install albatros_fixbugs

  • 3 – On “System tools” menu, click on “Install dibab on disk”

install albatros_clickmenu

  • 4 – Il will be requested to conform install on hard disk

install albatros_sure_install

  • 5 – Gpared has been downloaded, now it is started

install albatros_installing_gparded

  • 6 – If you have a Windows partition, you will have to resize it. If your disk is empty, you will have to create a DOS partition table.

install albatros_winpartition

  • 7 – Apply resizing

install albatros_resize_partition

  • 8 – Now create a partiton (linux ext4) named “albatros”

install albatros_ext4

  • 9 – Apply to resize and create partition

install albatros_apply

  • 10 – Partitions have been resized and created successful

install albatros_completed

  • Grub is installing on hard disk, windows boot loader has been added automatically

install albatros_grub

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